Wines from the Périgord of Domaine de la Vitrolle

Domaine de la Vitrolle

Red wine from Périgord

Domaine de la Vitrolle: red wine from Périgord region

Our flagship wine

Made from selected merlot grapes from the vineyards best disposed sites, occasionally blended with a complement of cabernet sauvignon, depending on the vintage. Picked at optimal ripeness and followed by a lengthy fermentation for maximal extraction.

Aged in underground tanks using selected oak chips to give more complexity, this is a very agreeable smooth, slightly tannic wine.

Drink with meat dishes or cheeses.
At best for 3 to 6 years after harvest.

Demoiselle de Limeuil

Red wine from Périgord

Demoiselle de Limeuil: red wine from Périgord region

Named in honour of Mademoiselle Isabeau de Limeuil, a native of Limeuil who rose to become Demoiselle d’Honeur in the court of Catherine de Medicis in 1561.

A blend of merlot, cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon. The dominant cabernets give a pleasant bouquet of red fruits, lighter than the ‘domaine’.

Can be drunk ‘frappé ‘ during the summer season.

Chevalier de la Demoiselle

White wines dry and medium dry from Périgord

Chevalier de la Demoiselle: white wine dry and white wine medium dry from Périgord region

Every Demoiselle has her Chevalier!

Made from Semillon and Muscadelle grapes. Picked by hand and fermented at low temperature to conserve the delicate semillon bouquet.

Fermented dry (Sec) or left with some residual sugar (Moelleux)
Serve chilled.

Rosé des Pierrailles

Rosé wine from Périgord

Rosé des Pierrailles: Rosé wine from Périgord region

Takes its name from the ‘Clairet des Pierrailles‘ mentioned at Limeuil in 1881.

Made from cold fermented free run merlot and Cabernet, producing a fruity, easy to drink rosé, slightly sweet and dark in colour.

Very popular, especially in summer around the barbeque!